Panathinaikos Soccer Schools (PAO Soccer Schools) is the official developmental academy of Greek professional football club Panathinaikos FC (PAO FC). Currently operating approximately 100 academies worldwide, Panathinaikos Soccer Schools’ purpose is to develop and scout players on an international, level with a direct path to Panathinaikos FC’s central residency academy in Paiania, Greece, where players are prepared for professional football careers with Panathinaikos FC and/or other professional clubs. Panathinaikos Soccer Schools worldwide are committed to training young soccer players on the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of European Soccer within practice and game environments. It is also our intent to promote outstanding sportsmanship and self-discipline both on and off the field.

Panathinaikos Soccer Schools international academy program is designed to benefit soccer leagues, soccer teams, clubs, and individual soccer players committed to training year-round, within an academy structure that follows the programs, guidelines, professional performance levels and expectations of Panathinaikos FC.

Panathinaikos Soccer Schools is expanding its program to create a network of certified clubs throughout the world that share a common operating model and uniform player training, team structure, management, philosophy and principles, and football vision.

Panathinaikos Soccer Schools will focus primarily on individual player development and secondarily on team development. Training at each stage of development will be consistent throughout the Panathinaikos Soccer Schools’ member-club network, such that any elite player from any city or regional team can fit within any national PAO team. Any elite national Panathinaikos Soccer Schools player should be able to fit in and perform technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically at the same or higher level as the Panathinaikos residency academy players in Athens, Greece.

How far professionally each player can go will then be strictly up to the individual and his/her commitment, will, and determination to excel in his/her soccer trade.